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Ashley Filipe

Veterinary Assistant | Client Service Representative
Hi, My name is Ashley! My main role is vet assistant, but you will also catch me in the front as I also work reception in between! I'm very passionate about what I do. I have been working in the field of veterinary care for over 13 years. I joined the Upper Bathurst team in January 2018.
In my off time, I enjoy hanging with my fur babies, walking with my husky, and simply just enjoying time for myself!
My experience has always been fantastic at this clinic. They're compassionate, kind and always very helpful. I have a very…

Randy Back

Our cat, Tesla, always feels calm when she's at the clinic. Eldad and the other staff are very attentive…

Haniel Croitoru

Campassionate and caring. Amber’s surgery for spayed was successful. Staffs and Vets and caring and supportive. Not wasting my money…


I have a serious challenge with my aging 20 year old abandoned cat. He claimed me in 2012 up…

Maria Victoria

Excellent service! Dr. Dorin was so kind and patient with us and our dog. He treated our pet with kindness!

Liz Torrealba