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Bloodwork Services for Pets

Examining your pet’s blood helps us diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses. It also helps us monitor your pet’s overall health, to see if they are in good overall shape and suggest lifestyle changes if needed to prevent certain problems down the road. Plus, they are a routine part of many treatments and surgeries to determine if your pet is a good candidate for certain medications and the amount of dosing they require. Call us at learn more about our bloodwork services.

How is blood drawn from pets?

There is usually no sedation needed, as it is quite pain free. Pets feel as if they are just getting a regular injection. We usually draw blood from the lateral saphenous vein, which is located in your pet’s hind leg. The procedure can be over in a matter of seconds, especially for well-behaved pets.

How much blood does a vet draw from a dog or cat for testing?

We typically take only about 3 ml of blood for testing purposes.

How soon can I get the results from my pet’s blood test?

Because we have an in-house laboratory, we can provide you with a summary of the results in about 15 minutes. Our facility is fully capable to handle a wide variety of general blood exams, but, for more complex testing we send samples to an independent lab. In that case, it may take up to 5 business day to get results.