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Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

Try as we might, we cannot read our furry friends’ minds. (Although it might seem like we can, because we become so connected with them through the years!) This is where diagnostic imaging tests like ultrasounds and X-rays come in. They play a crucial role in assessing your pet’s health and diagnosing any potential health issues. Call us at 647.350.6666 to learn more about these exams.

Do pets need to be shaved for an ultrasound?

For most cases, the answer is yes. We will do this for you during your pet’s consultation. For the most accurate images, the ultrasound probe will need to make direct contact with your pet’s skin. There are instances though where shaving may not be necessary, such as for short-haired or hairless breeds of patients.

How do I prepare my pet for an ultrasound?

Preparations may depend on your pet’s unique case, health status and area to be scanned. In general, we prefer that patients are fasted (no food and water) for up to 12 hours before their scan, especially for scans in the stomach area.

How do I prepare my pet for an X-ray?

Oftentimes, there is no need for pets to fast, be shaved, or undergo any preparations before an X-ray. In fact, these are often requested by the vet on the spot, especially if they would like a closer look inside your pet when trying to diagnose an illness. If your pet needs to be sedated (because they are particularly nervous) then you may be asked to have them fasted before their pre-scheduled X-ray, as this can help minimize side effects like vomiting.