Microchips help reunite lost pets with their families. Simple, safe & effective.

Tags and collars are the traditional way to identify your pet and help those who find them contact you, but they are not foolproof. They can fall off and wear down. With microchips, you can be sure your pet has an ID with them 24/7 designed to last their whole life. Contact us at 647-350-6666 to learn more about these paw-some devices!

What does it mean if a pet is microchipped?

This means they have a microchip roughly the size of a grain of rice in their body, usually in the back of their necks. Microchips are devices where we can input your contact info and your pet’s vitals/health details. It can be scanned by other hospitals and rescue shelters who can extract the information within. This way, if they find your pet, they will be able to contact you. Microchips drastically increases the chances of reunions between lost pets and their loving parents.

I recently adopted my pet, how do I know if they are microchipped?

Simply bring them into our hospital and we can use our scanner to detect if they have a microchip in place. We can also see if the microchip is in good working order, and we can update the information encoded on the device.

Can a pet be allergic to a microchip?

Yes, although this is extremely rare. More than 4 million pets worldwide have been microchipped and thus far, there has only been about 200 adverse reactions. Microchips are made with materials compatible with your pet’s body. That being said, it is always a good idea to mention any allergies to your veterinarian.

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