Nutrition Counselling

Nutritional advice to help enhance and maintain your pet's overall health and well-being.

When it comes to your furry family members, nutrition counselling should really not be seen as a luxury but as a key component of their healthcare. Pets with diagnosed illnesses, senior pets, pregnant pets, kittens, puppies and those who are purr-fectly healthy can benefit from nutritional counselling. Call us today at 647-350-6666 so we can help you feed your pet the best food for their unique needs.

What is nutritional counselling in pets?

Nutritional counselling is a checkup specifically focused on your pet’s nutrition. We will discuss your pet’s eating habits, feeding type, appetite levels, eating schedule and other factors. Based on their health status, we can provide you with recommendations on products and techniques to optimize their nutrition.

How much is nutritional counselling for pets?

Every patient is different and will require a unique set of considerations. For our most accurate service rates and estimates, please contact us via phone.

How do I know if I’m feeding my pet properly?

When buying food, certain labels can be quite misleading so it is best to ask your veterinarian for recommendations and tips on what to look out for. Now, once you are at home, there are certain signs you can observe to determine if you’re feeding your pet the right foods. Low energy levels, dull/rough coat, foul-smelling stool, a large belly, rib cages sticking out with no fat (keep in mind some breeds are naturally thin) and stool with different consistencies are all signs that your pet may not be getting the right nutrients.

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