Veterinary Exam

A comprehensive exam of your cat or dog to ensure their continued health and happiness.

A lot can happen in a year. This is especially true for our furry family members. One human year is equal to 7 dog years and 4 adult cat years. (In fact, it is estimated that for kittens, the first year of their life is equal to 15 human years!) This is why it is so important for your pet to have a full veterinary exam at least once per year. For senior pets, newborns and those with medical conditions, checkups should be even more frequent. Call us today to book your appointment and ensure your pet’s health is monitored as best as possible.

What happens during a veterinary checkup?

We put an emphasis on personalized care, which means each appointment will look slightly different for all our patients. Be that as it may, there are some common steps our veterinarians and technicians take for the vast majority of patients. Exams usually start with a total physical exam, where the doctor will analyze your pet’s head, tail, limbs and body cavities.

Further diagnostics like bloodwork, fecal & urine sampling, ultrasounds and X-rays may also be ordered. Then, you will have the chance to have an open dialogue with the doctor to ask any questions and raise any concerns. The vet will also ask you questions about your pet’s diet, exercise, energy levels, behaviour and overall lifestyle. At the end of the checkup, the vet will make recommendations on medications, diet, supplements, lifestyle changes and necessary treatments.

Do you accept walk in appointments?

For full veterinary exams, we prefer that clients schedule ahead of time. This way, we can advise you with any preparations you may need to make (e.g. having your pet fasted if they need ultrasounds on certain parts of their body.) But, we do accept emergencies such as injuries and other accidents. In those cases, we ask that you call us ahead of time so we can prepare for your pet’s arrival.

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